Infamous Ink Tattoo Design Studio



There is a 60.00 minimum,  with an hourly rate of 125.00 that applies to large scale multi session tattoos. .  All design/consultation/setup is included in the hourly rate.


We request a 50 - 100 dollar deposit for all appointments, which goes towards the cost of the tattoo.  The deposit may be more for larger work (sleeves/back pieces), and wait times can vary depending on the artist.  All appointments must be made in person, through exceptions can be made for travelers. Please read through the deposits section for more information.


The amount of your deposit will go towards the last session (completion) of the tattoo.  Your deposit is good for as long as it takes to finish the tattoo, although your deposit will be forfeit in the event of :

1)      More than 6 months pass without an appointment or communication.

2)      Rescheduling an appointment more than twice

3)      Failure to appear for a scheduled appointment without 48 hours notice.


This policy is meant to ensure that you are as dedicated to the completion of your tattoo as we are, and that you maintain a line of communication with us even as schedules and finances dictate availability. With this in mind, PLEASE be sure to notify us if your phone # or email changes, as these are the only methods of communication we have. 

If you have left a deposit to get on a wait list, please keep in mind that our workloads can fluctuate greatly. Since working from a wait list is not an exact science, we do the best we can to estimate when there may be availability for the tattoo.  Between an ever-fluctuating workload and personal matters we cannot guarantee this estimated availability.  We appreciate your patience during this time, as it helps to ensure the quality of the tattoo. Thank you and we look forward to working with you.